About Us

We love people. We love adventure. We love visual storytelling. Let us help tell your story.

Justin Buettner and Kristina Bucheli are photographer friends who combined their talents and years of experience to form JB Wedding Photography. They share the same philosophy and photographic technique to deliver a well rounded set of images that tell the romance, fun, adventure and whimsy of your day. When a couple chooses us as their photographer they can expect a team that will go above and beyond to deliver amazing images while using their twenty five years combined wedding photography experience to help make sure their day goes smooth. 

Justin Buettner has twenty five years experience in photography starting out as a cinematographer in the motion picture industry. He branched out into commercial photography before spending the last fifteen years as a wedding photographer shooting over 500 weddings during that time. He is a family man, married over twenty years to his lovely wife and the father of three daughters (yep, he's outnumbered in his household). In addition to his children he has a small zoo in his house that includes two dogs, a cat, two rats, two bearded dragons, among other pets. He had contemplated a career in veterinarian medicine or marine biology before becoming a photographer. He has in fact gone cage diving with Great White Sharks, so we are not lying when we say he loves adventure. 

Kristina Bucheli is an incredible wife and an amazing mother. Her oldest daughter just graduated and Kristina is an active member of her sons PTA. She has a hand in running and organizing just about every event in her son's school so she is a pro at large events from both a creative and organizational point of view. Kristina has been a wedding photographer for the last decade and has had the privilege to work with the areas best and most respected wedding photographers. On the rare occasion Kristina has a night off from family and photography you would likely catch her drinking a cup of coffee (or wine) while reading a book. She also loves travel and culture (did we mention we do destination weddings?!).

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