About Me

A Little About Me

Where to start? I think people would describe me as enthusiastic, outgoing, and fun-loving, or if you were to ask one of my three children they might say I am sometimes embarrassing. My wife likes to refer to me as the fourth child, but I think she intends it as a compliment. I am very young at heart. I love sharks and have had the pleasure of cage diving with Great White Sharks. Hiking is a favorite pasttime and I have scaled half dome (on the ropes side, not the face). White water rafting is a bunch of fun too. The ocean is a place I could never grow tired of and the mountains are awesome too. I guess you could say I love nature. I like drawing cartoons, I play the drums, and I love writing screenplays. In fact, I often make short films for film festivals, most of them comedies (laughing is my favorite). I am up for any type of games, sports or board games. I also homeschooled my oldest daughter from Kindergarten until 7th grade. I can't dance (unless you think Frankenstein is a good dancer) and singing may not be in my wheelhouse either, but that doesn't stop me from trying. I find it is very important to laugh as much as possible. 

An Overview of My Career

I have twenty-five years experience in photography, starting out as a cinematographer in the motion picture industry. After a short stint as a motion capture artist in the special effects field, I took on the role of head of photography and graphics for Jewelry.com in the late 1990's. My wife and I decided to relocate to the Sacramento area in the early 2000's to be closer to family (I grew up in Grass Valley).  That is when I started my own photography studio and I have spent the last fifteen years as a wedding photographer, shooting over 500 weddings during that time. 

I love people, adventure, fun, and storytelling. Let me help tell your story.

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