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About Me

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I'm a storyteller and I see the world in dynamic actions and bright vivid colors. I think it shows in my work. I love people, chaos, parties, fun, and romance, so wedding photography is a perfect fit for me! Even after 25 years of professional photography work, I'm just as excited about the next event as I was at my first one.

My Career


I started my career as a cinematographer in the motion picture industry. After a short stint as a motion capture artist in the special effects field, I took on the role of head of photography and graphics for in the late 1990's. My wife and I decided to relocate to the Sacramento area in the early 2000's 

to be closer to family (I grew up in Grass Valley).  That is when I started my own photography studio and I have spent the last twenty years as a wedding photographer, shooting over 1000 weddings during that time.

A Few Fun Details About Me


I love sharks (and have gone cage diving with Great Whites), I play the drums, I make short films for film 

festivals for fun (mostly comedies), I love animals and almost chose to be a vet until I learned I could not save every animal. We currently have a small zoo in my home (two dogs, four lizards, a snake. two rats, a bunch of insects, and the neighborhood cats have adopted us). I play basketball as much as 

possible. I have a lovely wife, three smart and crazy daughters that I have had the pleasure of homeschooling over the last 14 years. 



Wedding Videos

Wedding Videos

Wedding Videos
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Hardiman Wedding Short Form Video

Hardiman Wedding Short Form Video

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Mason Wedding Short Form Video

Mason Wedding Short Form Video

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Robledo Wedding Short Form Video

Robledo Wedding Short Form Video

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“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” - Dr. Seuss

Our Services


Photography Package

All Day Coverage - Our team will be with you from getting ready until the send off. Your entire day will be covered from start to finish.


Hard drive - All the images will be delivered on a hard drive in full resolution. You will be able to make prints, share images online, or anything else you would like to do with your images.


Website - Your wedding images (except for the getting ready images) will be on a personal website/phone app that will allow your guests to view, download images for free and purchase prints. 


Engagement Shoot - The engagement shoot is included. This includes a 1-2 hour photo session, all your images on a flashdrive, an online slideshow, and a website/phone app to show off your images.


Online Slideshow - You will have an online wedding slideshow that is set to music.


Color Corrected and Cropped - All your images will be corrected and cropped individually. All your images will look great!


Delivery -I deliver on average 1500 images per wedding. It usually takes 2-4 weeks for complete delivery of your wedding.


Videography Package

All Day Coverage - We are with you from getting ready until the send off. Your entire day will be covered from start to finish.


Hard drive - All of the videos will be delivered in HD files on your wedding hard drive.


Multi-Camera Shoot and Team - We use multiple cameras to cover all the events of the day that allows us to get every angle and give you a complete edit of your day.


Professional Sound - Sound is as important as the picture. Professional audio including lav mics and shotgun mics are used for high quality audio.


Youtube Links - Your videos are posted on private YouTube links for quick and easy sharing with your family and friends.


Long Form and Short Form Videos Included - The long form video has your entire day edited into a 1-2 hour video complete with music and effects. The Short form video shows a highlight of your day in a 10-15 minute video.


Delivery - We deliver both the long form video and short form video in 2-4 months from the wedding.


Photo & Video Package

Everything Listed in both the Photography and Videography packages

Social Media Creation - Photos and Videos are captured and posted to the client's social media pages on the wedding day, giving friends and family instant access to professional created content.

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