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About me

I'm a storyteller and I see the world in dynamic actions and bright vivid colors. I think it shows in my work. I love people, chaos, parties, fun, and romance, so wedding photography is a perfect fit for me! Even after 25 years of professional photography work, I'm just as excited about the next event as I was at my first one.


I love sharks (and have gone cage diving with Great Whites), I play the drums, I make short films for film festivals for fun (mostly comedies), I love movies (especially comic book movies), and play basketball as much as possible. I have a lovely wife, three smart and crazy daughters that I have had the pleasure of homeschooling (even before 2020).

An Overview of My Career

I have twenty-five years experience in photography, starting out as a cinematographer in the motion picture industry. After a short stint as a motion capture artist in the special effects field, I took on the role of head of photography and graphics for in the late 1990's. My wife and I decided to relocate to the Sacramento area in the early 2000's to be closer to family (I grew up in Grass Valley).  That is when I started my own photography studio and I have spent the last eighteen years as a wedding photographer, shooting over 800 weddings during that time.